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Singles Box (1-2 people) $32 LOCAL only (2 people) $38 Orchard (fruit heavy, 2 +) $38 Family Box (3 + people) $45 Family Box Plus (4 +) $75
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FIVE Great Reasons to Try our Local Produce Box this Summer! 1. This is the best time of year to buy local. Share Organics works with about 25 local organic farms to locate the freshest, most delicious fruits and vegetable. Our Local Box runs all year round, but this is when things start to get truly exciting! Over the next month or so a much greater variety of fruits and vegetables will become available. This week, for instance, is our …Read more


We’re happy to announce the arrival of our new website! Read more


Look for our new poster around town and even in your boxes. It shows Colby astride the Share bicyclette, along with our supplier map and details on our boxes. Read more

We’re Glad You Found Us!

Share Organics is your one-stop shop for organic produce. Choose a box that fits your family’s needs and we’ll deliver it to your home. It’s magic! Add other goodies to your order, too, such as locally baked baguettes, island-raised organic eggs, local organic meat and dairy, or locally crafted organic coffee and honey. Our boxes can be ordered weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, monthly, or once in a blue moon. Try it out!

Our Values

We know our farmers. We’ve been to all the local farms and to many in our bio-region and beyond. We’ve seen the care that goes into the soil. We believe organic food is vital to our environment, to our health, and to our future. Also, we love the taste of fresh food, and think you will, too.

What Customers are Saying:

“I love Share Organics! I’ve used other delivery services in town, but Share has true commitment to local farms. Plus, I love the bicycle deliveries. I’ve been a customer for years now and I can’t recommend it heartily enough.” – Elizabeth Johnson

“It truly is like getting a present delivered to my door each week. I love the variety of local and, if I want it, non-local organics. I’ve discovered so many new produce items via Share, and I love that I’m supporting my local farmers. Keep on rockin’, you guys!” – Jeffrey Webb-McAlister